Saturday, June 21, 2008

Old North: national press

Old North St. Louis got some national play on a digital source, NRDC's Switchboard. As evidenced by the comments section, the neighbors are pretty jazzed about this piece, as a slice of the area's residents have chimed in with thoughts. We've posted about this neighborhood before, so it's nice to see that the area, just north of the convention site, is getting some wider-than-STL "ink."

Here's a link to the piece, written by Kaid Benfield.

As a teaser, here's the lead:

Every now and then I run across a story that is so good, that feels so right, that I thank my lucky stars for the freedom NRDC gave me to evolve my career into working for better, more sustainable communities. This is such a story, and it reveals an historic, diverse, inclusive neighborhood that is reclaiming its identity, restoring its infrastructure, empowering its residents, and securing its future. The community wins, and so does the environment, because the Old North neighborhood in Saint Louis is the very antithesis of sprawl.

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