Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lumiere Link

We're not here to advocate gambling, certainly. But it has to be said: if you're looking to spend a few minutes wandering the area around America's Center, you might want to pop into the Lumiere Link, just east of the Center. The underground tunnel (with people mover), opened in the past few weeks, leading you into the Lumiere Place Casino and entertainment plex. And again, you don't have to gamble to necessarily make the trip a worthwhile: make it a people-watching experience.

After passing through the variety of shops and the casino, itself, on the first floor, we'd recommend a walk across a small pathway, leading you into the the Four Seasons Hotel. Once there, take the elevator to the rooftop, the eighth floor. That area's got yet another bar and restaurant, along with a rooftop view that's definitely worth taking in. You get a nice panorama of Laclede's Landing to the east, Downtown STL to the south and a large slice of the Mississippi River, which is rather large these days, for sure.

Did we mention the Link is open 24-hours.

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