Wednesday, June 11, 2008

KETC: City Museum's World Aquarium

While dipping into the archives of KETC's "Living St. Louis" yesterday, we ran across another apt pick for the blog, a look at the City Museum's World Aquarium. While located in the City Museum, the W.A. is a separate entity, of sorts, with a distinct ticket price. Though not sure of this policy of the night of the big meet-and-greet during GTH08, we can say that the World Aquarium is a unique place, with huge tanks made of all sorts of recycled building materials, house, of course, in a one-time shoe factory. The main support beams of the old International Shoe structure run right through some of the shark tanks in the World Aquarium.

Let's let Jim Kirchherr of Channel 9 pick up the tale below.

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