Sunday, June 22, 2008

Q/A with Joyce Gorrell

One of the folks you might meet upon your arrival at the registration desk, or someone you'll meet as she's simply jetting around the convention hall, is Joyce Gorrell, administrative coordinator for the EarthWays Center and one of the key volunteers at GTH.

GTH08: So, Joyce, what's your involvement over the next few days?
Gorrell: My exact involvement is volunteering in administrative coordination. I'm excited to see people arrive and get details.

GTH08: You've been working the desk for a little while now...
Gorrell: I have been working the desk and it's a bit slow right now, but tomorrow morning things will pick up, when all the workshops start. Some pretty big speakers are on-hand in the morning and the exhibit hall will be set up.

GTH08: What's your sense of what's exciting people right now?
Gorrell: I know for a fact that at 850 registrants confirmed prior to on-site registration... this is the largest number any Greening the Heartland has brought in. I think it's great that St. Louis can be such a destination point for all the great Midwest chapters.

GTH08: As someone who's certainly a great advocate for St. Louis, is there anything you'd like for people to take away about this town?
Gorrell: I'd like them to take away a sense of pride in a city that's got a leg up on a lot of coastal cities, when it comes to green building. We've got the Alberici headquarters, which is world-reknowned, and other institutions that are popping up left-and-right. It's beyond a lot of people's realizations of what is going on here. Hopefully, it'll get people revved up, to continue on a course of green building.

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