Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Media taking note

Our hope was that we wouldn't feel lonely in the press center of Greening the Heartland 2008. And that doesn't seem it'll be the case. Signing on for coverage most recently is, which is sending is reporter/blogger to the conference.

On its site, GreenOptions describes itself as such:

"Green Options Media's growing network of environmentally-focused blogs provides users with a broad spectrum of information on and direction for making more sustainable choices in their lives. Launched in February, 2007, Green Options Media has grown into a leader among 'green' web portals by combining news, guidance and community features for a wide audience. Both treehuggers and the 'green curious' will find information they can use and people with whom they can share their journeys towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

"Written by experienced professionals in their fields, Green Options Media's individual blogs engage visitors with authoritative content, compelling discussions, and actionable advice. Users new to the 'green life' can contribute to the conversation by joining in dialogue between our writers and visitors on individual blogs, or by starting their own Green Options Journal. We don't preach to the choir, or require a commitment to our vision: we invite anyone with questions, or simply curiosity, to add their voices to the community, and share their approaches to achieving abundance while lightening their environmental footprint."

Many folks reading this might already have GreenOptions on their own blogroll. If not, click on one of the links in this post. You'll enjoy what you find.

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